Quest #2: Continuation

It took me a while to get down. I was the last passenger with someone else.  Europe, Asia, America, Africa; we’ve been at it all! It took a long while. The train kept going and going. We even reached another galaxy! The train’s final stop was in the middle of nowhere; a desert.

We laughed. Home.

Sick joke? No.

The train’s always been right before. How could it be wrong now?

Stepping down with my newly found friend, I felt the sand cover my feet. It felt nice. We sat there for a while. My friend even found an oasis to be in. Before we could board back, the train had no more magic. It’s just there.

Did the train stop because we were together? Did it stop because we don’t have a home? Maybe home can be anywhere as long as you know how to look for it? We really don’t know where home is. Maybe, it’s just there. Maybe home was with us. Maybe, you’re your home. Cliché, but eh, who’s to say how the train really works?

Whatever the reason, I was home now. With the time that passed, the place I stayed became my home and I was happy when I waved goodbye to the train who got its magic back and passed by. Someone needed to find home again. I’m happy. I’ll miss that train.

If you ever by chance pass by and board the train, Please say hi to the cloud conductor for me. Tell him that I miss his cloud 9 chocolate bars.


Quest#2: Riding the Never-ending Train

There’s a train that passes through all the places in the world. It picks up all the people who’s lost and sad. You could ride in it for days on end. It passes from Manila-to-Cairo-to-New York-to Barcelona, etc. I’m sorry. I’m not that good with my Capitals.

I’ve only rode the train once. I was the longest passenger there (Only as I remember. I’ll check the train logistics later). This train doesn’t really have a place on those boring old stations with questionable Hygiene and cramped spaces. It floats on the air with it’s magical cloud engine. Wherever it goes, it leaves a trail of clouds (so if you see a trail of clouds, you’ll know the train went there). It makes its own rails. The old rails would be taken down and made into new. If it passed the back of the train, it’d move to be in the front.

As I’ve said, it takes on people with no ticket charge. You’ll be taken to different places, no matter where they’d be. It even went to the Moon! That’s how Neil Armstrong got there! The train was behind the spaceship-like thing. We all get to go down at a random station, but if it’s not the place your heart really wants to go. Then, it’s not for you. You can go back the train. I was with Neil when he stepped foot there. I actually posed behind that giant metal rocket thing. I think that’s how I guess people thought it was a conspiracy. I guess someone saw me, even though we really landed on the moon. The Moon wasn’t where he really stayed though. I think it was somewhere in Ohio? Can’t remember. He was a really fun adventurer.


Quest #1: Preparation

Let’s prepare! You’re chosen on a magical quest! Choose any class to be into. You start of as a random one, but that’s not important. That’s just a special add-on. It’d give you an edge in some parts, but not others. That’s fine. The Journey’s much more important anyway.

We take at dawn.

The tools you need for this quest:
A notebook (or maybe a tablet or a piece of paper)
Pencil (or pen)
A bag
Some of your favorite things
A photo album

A bottle of any alcoholic drink (Any is fine)

Quest details:
Here you are now. No preparation, here you are. You don’t know why you’re here. You don’t know what you’re supposed to be.

You feel lost.

Take the never-ending train. Pass through the glade. Feel the fresh air of the morning rise. Walk slowly. Enjoy all the passions this life could give, but don’t walk too slow as to reach night fall. Take your time. It may be limited, but it is yours.

From your hands, make your path. Someone would make a path before you, but following their path won’t make you reach your destination. Learn from their roads and use that knowledge to make your own.

Don’t run too fast. You would be getting to the glory before it’s time to be. What would that do? Endless hours of boredom and waiting when you could’ve felt more happiness and pleasure enjoying your journey.

Sometimes, you’d lose your path. That’s okay. You can do two things; look for it again or make a new one. If you made your path, the surroundings would be familiar to you. You would know them by now, so it’s okay. Don’t be afraid to improvise.

Cross the tightrope to the jungle. This quest is about balance. It may not be easy and sometimes you’d slip, but it’s not illegal to rest. It’s easier to do it that way. No one told you to take it hard.

Once you reach the jungle, borrow the Fairy’s wings. She would show you how to fly. You could also make your own wings. Just ask her how.

When you reach the crosshairs, I’ll meet you there.

From there, I’d give you your reward.

You’d learn how to live.


How to not be a Grinch

noun | Informal  | \’Grinch\ | English
: an unpleasant person who spoils other people for their fun and enjoyment
: a person who is mean-spirited and unfriendly

Source: Google| Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary

  Merry Christmas! Today’s word starts off with the Christmas Season, “Grinch”.

            Each year, you’d find these people sitting across or beside you in one of your festive family’s dinners and lunches. They aren’t really that uncommon. In fact, I’d guess probably 1 out of every family is one. Who knows? It could be your Aunt. Could be your Uncle. Could be your Papa. Your cousin? You too, maybe? Don’t deny it. There are times during the festive season where everyone feels happy and joyful while you were there rotting away on the corner of the sofa, tuning everyone out and thinking to yourself. Damn, the wifi’s slow in here. Well, do not fret for I, my dear friend, have thought of a few steps on how to not be a Grinch this Christmas (and hopefully also not make other people grinches themselves).

    I could not stress this enough. No one in their right minds would be “okay” or “fine” after just 30 minutes of nap time on the road. Let me quote the movie.

    “[…]7:00, wrestle with my self-loathing… I’m booked. Of course, if I bump the loathing to 9, I could still be done in time to lay in bed, stare at the ceiling and slip slowly into madness. But what would I wear? ”
    – The Grinch, The Grinch that stole Christmas

    Everyone, even our ideal “Grinch”, could not deny that sleep affects our mood in a lot more ways than one. How? It said in the quote itself. The Grinch doesn’t sleep. Most of the time, he just wallows into the thoughts of his own mind on the bed. Although that cannot be stopped, a few hours of sleep after would do wonders. A human averagely needs 7 to 8 hours a day. If not properly given, harmful long-term effects would occur. Some of them include depression, wrinkles, obesity, etc. Familiar?
    P.s. Rest would seem good as well. Although not as effective as a long peaceful night of sleep, resting would prove useful if balanced with the amount of work done.

    Okay, I understand the argument on this one. What’s the holidays after all without spending it with loved ones? The thing is that not a lot of people are capable of socializing as much. “But they had an entire year to recharge and be alone”, you start, “This is the only time we’d spend time with them. What? We have to allot time here too?”True. However, all those other 364 days were not only spent resting and being alone. Those 364 days were used “socializing” as well. Although we, let’s say, spent the other 364 days resting, a battery charged for how long would still be drained by the end of the day. Its capacity wouldn’t change. This comes with some people. Don’t worry, we mean well and we actually want to know all about how everyone’s been doing this past year but, please, I’m sorry for suddenly sitting quietly in a corner, recharging for my life. I don’t want to stop socializing, but please give me a moment to recharge myself to be able to socialize more.
    Everyone here loves food. Well, that is if you consider the taste of food instead of the calorie intake. Then, everybody loves food. Give a few snacks here and there that you’re sure they’ll enjoy. Then, maybe you’ll see a Christmas miracle (The Un-Grinching of the Grinch).

The Point of Illiteracy

Language was a finely tuned instrument for me. I remember writing freely with my right hand which leads to the molding of a new work; a new story, a new poem, etc. It was, more or less, something as natural to me as breathing. I used my words and carefully spun them into an intricate web. They aimed to capture the eyes of the people reading, to show them a world so different from our own, and maybe even to explain things that never really existed.

But as I progress and I learn more about this world , I start to loose my footing in this web that I made. They start to loose stickiness. I brush off each slip with a thought, “Maybe I was just distracted”.

It didn’t take long. News of murders, robberies, and other crimes start to flood my mind. They cloud my brain and block me out from  my own right hand. It started so subtle, as if they didn’t want the effect of the world to completely swallow me yet. It burned my fingers and ate out my own words. I fell. I fell from my web and started plummeting to my own death.

It was then, did I force the words out of me like a final goodbye. I burst out how the world was cruel, how the world was imperfect, and how I should keep falling into this pit.

I was inches from the bottom when I stopped. Why? My leg was caught up with the final thread. I dangled there, almost threatening myself to cut it off, but then I climbed up. I climbed up and saw the world how it really is. It is neither good, nor bad. It is a mix of the both. I climbed the thread and saw a new perspective of everything. I saw it how it really is. It was no longer just a fantasy, nor just a tragedy. It was a mix of both.