Quest#2: Riding the Never-ending Train

There’s a train that passes through all the places in the world. It picks up all the people who’s lost and sad. You could ride in it for days on end. It passes from Manila-to-Cairo-to-New York-to Barcelona, etc. I’m sorry. I’m not that good with my Capitals.

I’ve only rode the train once. I was the longest passenger there (Only as I remember. I’ll check the train logistics later). This train doesn’t really have a place on those boring old stations with questionable Hygiene and cramped spaces. It floats on the air with it’s magical cloud engine. Wherever it goes, it leaves a trail of clouds (so if you see a trail of clouds, you’ll know the train went there). It makes its own rails. The old rails would be taken down and made into new. If it passed the back of the train, it’d move to be in the front.

As I’ve said, it takes on people with no ticket charge. You’ll be taken to different places, no matter where they’d be. It even went to the Moon! That’s how Neil Armstrong got there! The train was behind the spaceship-like thing. We all get to go down at a random station, but if it’s not the place your heart really wants to go. Then, it’s not for you. You can go back the train. I was with Neil when he stepped foot there. I actually posed behind that giant metal rocket thing. I think that’s how I guess people thought it was a conspiracy. I guess someone saw me, even though we really landed on the moon. The Moon wasn’t where he really stayed though. I think it was somewhere in Ohio? Can’t remember. He was a really fun adventurer.



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