Quest #2: Continuation

It took me a while to get down. I was the last passenger with someone else.  Europe, Asia, America, Africa; we’ve been at it all! It took a long while. The train kept going and going. We even reached another galaxy! The train’s final stop was in the middle of nowhere; a desert.

We laughed. Home.

Sick joke? No.

The train’s always been right before. How could it be wrong now?

Stepping down with my newly found friend, I felt the sand cover my feet. It felt nice. We sat there for a while. My friend even found an oasis to be in. Before we could board back, the train had no more magic. It’s just there.

Did the train stop because we were together? Did it stop because we don’t have a home? Maybe home can be anywhere as long as you know how to look for it? We really don’t know where home is. Maybe, it’s just there. Maybe home was with us. Maybe, you’re your home. Cliché, but eh, who’s to say how the train really works?

Whatever the reason, I was home now. With the time that passed, the place I stayed became my home and I was happy when I waved goodbye to the train who got its magic back and passed by. Someone needed to find home again. I’m happy. I’ll miss that train.

If you ever by chance pass by and board the train, Please say hi to the cloud conductor for me. Tell him that I miss his cloud 9 chocolate bars.


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