Quest #1: Preparation

Let’s prepare! You’re chosen on a magical quest! Choose any class to be into. You start of as a random one, but that’s not important. That’s just a special add-on. It’d give you an edge in some parts, but not others. That’s fine. The Journey’s much more important anyway.

We take at dawn.

The tools you need for this quest:
A notebook (or maybe a tablet or a piece of paper)
Pencil (or pen)
A bag
Some of your favorite things
A photo album

A bottle of any alcoholic drink (Any is fine)

Quest details:
Here you are now. No preparation, here you are. You don’t know why you’re here. You don’t know what you’re supposed to be.

You feel lost.

Take the never-ending train. Pass through the glade. Feel the fresh air of the morning rise. Walk slowly. Enjoy all the passions this life could give, but don’t walk too slow as to reach night fall. Take your time. It may be limited, but it is yours.

From your hands, make your path. Someone would make a path before you, but following their path won’t make you reach your destination. Learn from their roads and use that knowledge to make your own.

Don’t run too fast. You would be getting to the glory before it’s time to be. What would that do? Endless hours of boredom and waiting when you could’ve felt more happiness and pleasure enjoying your journey.

Sometimes, you’d lose your path. That’s okay. You can do two things; look for it again or make a new one. If you made your path, the surroundings would be familiar to you. You would know them by now, so it’s okay. Don’t be afraid to improvise.

Cross the tightrope to the jungle. This quest is about balance. It may not be easy and sometimes you’d slip, but it’s not illegal to rest. It’s easier to do it that way. No one told you to take it hard.

Once you reach the jungle, borrow the Fairy’s wings. She would show you how to fly. You could also make your own wings. Just ask her how.

When you reach the crosshairs, I’ll meet you there.

From there, I’d give you your reward.

You’d learn how to live.



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