They do this every year. They call people up, ask them to perform a speech, give an applause and let them sit back down. Each year, they give us a specific topic. Usually, it’s something problematic in our country. In rare cases, they talk about world news. They would persuade us. They would, at extreme cases,  press us to find a different way or think a different way.

Everyone gives all these opinions and all these solutions, yet none of them are ever truly heard. Who hears these opinions? Just the class? Just a few friends? Just the judges?

What would they do with this knowledge? What would they do with your opinions? They wouldn’t really listen. They wouldn’t really put that into mind. What would they do? They would just critique. They would point out your mistakes. They would point out what’s cliché. They would point out what they’ve heard before. They’d scale which opinion is best or more agreeable over the other and what would be their base? Their base would be their own opinions and own beliefs.

I have nothing against them. However, an opinion could never be truly bad nor be completely good. It can only be well-thought of or rushed and unprepared.


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