A Stale Call

On the day of August 15, 2008 at 7:52 PM , Berlin received a phone call.

“Hey, it’s me”
“Which me?”
“It’s Shane”
“Shane, who?”
“*sighs* It’s Tony”
“Oh *pause* Why’d you call?”
“Is it wrong to call my soulmate?”
“Tony *sighs*, we’re not soulmates”
“We are”
“I can’t explain it, but with you everything’s different”
“How do I ma-”
“You make the world feel worth it”
“You really do. Hell, I miss you. I miss us”
“I don’t”
“I don’t miss you”
“I don’t miss always guessing about you everyday. I don’t miss being scared 24/7 just because I did something you didn’t like. I don’t miss having to look behind me because of paranoia. I don’t miss the blackmails. I don’t miss the peer pressure. I don’t miss being fought about. I. don’t. miss. you.”
“*pause* I’m sorry”
“Listen. You need to move on”
“No, I could-”
“You. need. to. move. on. Nothing more’s going to happen between us. You deserve happiness and I deserve mine. Trust me when I say that I don’t have your happiness and you don’t have mine.”
“*sighs* It was a good try, but no. What we had was toxic. No one should be exposed to anything toxic. You have your life and I have mine. We have a right to cut off any of the toxicity in our lives because it’s ours to own.”
“You don’t need this and I don’t need it either. All it does is poison us. *takes a breath* I’m sorry, Tony, but it didn’t and won’t work out.”
“I’m still very sorry”
“I know, and I already forgave you *slight smile*. Thank you. Goodbye, Tony”
“Goodbye, Berlin”

—end of call—

After the call, the two never really attempted to contact the other again. Both now live happy, separated and with someone else.


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