“At this point, I’m on a timer”, Berlin sighs with a half-chewed pencil in her mouth and a sour attitude. She sighs, “I need to write down this story this week. Then, I have to edit the collage photo for the advertisement and then-“. She trails off. Only now did she notice the thick envelope resting on her nightstand. She lets out a breath, “I forgot, I have to do these too”. She takes a long sip from her coffee mug, plops down onto her bed, and reads up the first document inside the envelope.

“Birth certificate, passport…These sound easy enough”, She glazed her eyes all over the documents. Her frustration was rising at each skim of the paper. She finally shoves all the documents back into the crummy envelope and stands up, only for a piece of paper to go flying down beside her drawer. “For pete’s sake, why can’t I-“, she pauses.

RIGATA, Berlin

Hey, Berlin! It’s me, Avionne! I’m just writing by to say how proud I am of my bestfriend! It’s amazing. I can’t believe you got an opportunity like this. You? Staying at Canada? I heard that they have an amazing economy . What would it be like there during the summer, though? Would it be as much of a melting pot as it is here? Would they have parades like we do? Well, it’s nice here in Hong Kong. I love the tourist attractions. I’m already in my second semester. Only a few more months ’til I can go home! Let’s go home together, alright? Just remember, I’d always be here. I’m just one flight away! See you!

Truly yours,


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