Socially Mute

“It’s so easy to talk”, they would always reiterate, “All you need to do is move your jaw and tongue up and down while simultaneously activating your voice box. Simple”. It’s easy to make a speech. It’s easy to go out there, when asked, and tell your opinion. In all honesty, it’s always a simple cycle. Answer the question. Make it relatable. Add some humor. Tone it down. Add an authoritative air. End the speech. Rinse. Lather. Repeat.

For me, actually talking to people is harder than making up intricately webbed speeches. When you’re making a speech, it always follows a certain formula – a certain algorithm. It’s always planned, formulated, structured. Talking is completely different. It always feels like you’re under pressure, unless you practically mastered the act of talking. To us, who are not used to speaking, it’s a steep slope. One mistake of a phrase leads to an entirely new conversation you’re not prepared about.

“But isn’t that the thrill of the conversation? You’re not completely sure. It may be terrifying, but maybe because it’s something completely new. You’d find out more about the person. It’s not scripted because it’s spontaneous!”


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