Pencils down

I know I should be helping myself right now. I know I should be trying to get rid off of the bounty of books on my head, one requirement at a time. But when the keyboard starts calling you, you can’t really do anything about it, can’t you? *groan* I should have brought my laptop with me during my time at the hospital. I should have just written there instead of expressing all this unused writing energy on a procrastinating night. Well, what can I do? Time has passed. We only have the present and future to look forward to.

Anyway, it’s a cool night. The chill nips at my skin while I see my sisters, well bundled up in their cotton blankets and their faces burrowed under their valley of pillows. While they’re off in Daisy world, I’d be writing an argumentative paper about the case of Morality and what is considered “Ethical” and what is not.

Ethics has been a very flexible subject to me recently. You always have to believe that for something to be of good, it has to be of good to the majority. That is to say “the greater good”.

I know it is agreeable. I agree to it myself, but what about the morally safe for the self? I know, you may peg me as a selfish persona especially with my writing style. However, I believe in the common knowledge that you can only give what you already have. I can’t give someone apples without having apples in the first place now, can’t I?

In the same sense, you can’t love without knowing what love is and loving yourself at the same time. Now, how about morality and Ethics?  How about the “greater good”? Is it the “greater good” by quantity or by quality? If I say that there are two people and both of them want an apple, one of them is starving while the other is not. Of course, I would give the apple to the starving man. Now, what if I had an extra apple and this man was, not starving, but still hungry while the other man, you later find out, knows how to grow apple trees and would be able to provide an entire basket by the end of the day (hypothetically speaking)? Who would you give the apple to? The one with the immediate need or the one who presents the immediate gain?

This is where most have different opinions. There are two types of people anyway; the ones who trust feeling over thinking and those who trust thinking over feeling. Any answer is still respected however.

Maybe some food for thought?


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