Scribe stuck in the clay

I know everyone here has practically been in that position where everything they see and feel suddenly turn into a dripping wet dirty green fish net. It’s not even the good kind. It may have been last year, last month, maybe even last week for Frank. Either way, I’m here to write how I, Berlin Rigata, screwed up so catastrophically large that I won’t be able to fit it in one blog post. I know I’m a natural klutz and that I get into things like this seemingly without effort. I’ve never been to something like this though.

As said before, I’m part of a slightly above average school. Remember that? Well, I guess that means I already highlighted enough how it also gave slightly above average piles of assignments and the like.

One common knowledge for each student there, “Never in all circumstances go absent for more than three days!”. This knowledge is so applicable to every person there that it even applies to the teachers and counselors. For the love of poetry! You have no idea how many times I’ve seen a teacher running past through with papers flying everywhere and students whispering to each other, asking who the professor is and if he covers one of their subjects.

I, sadly, have broken that rule for the first time. I’ve been absent for almost two weeks. I’m not even excused. I was absent. All because of that inconspicuous-looking fly lurking around our room at half-past midnight.

Does anyone remember the phrase “It started with a kiss”? Well, The same went on for me. Instead of a kiss though, it was a bite and instead of a rosy-lipped lover with striking eyes was a tiny little mosquito hungry for blood.

Yes, it all started with a mosquito bite. It’s something so tiny and so minuscule that you wouldn’t even notice. It’s a silent predator after all. It’s bite usually randomly shows signs 2 days to 2 weeks from an initial bite.

Can you imagine how tremendous would that be for a student of a specific school? *insert sarcasm here*


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