Three Reasons to Love You

Love is a weird word, but it really fits if you put the letter “I” before it and your name after it.

Heya! It’s me again. Don’t worry. This isn’t another failed romance piece. This one is mostly about “Self-acceptance” and “self-love”. I’m going to name a few reasons on why you are lovable

1. You’re not the real Voldemort.
(I mean the actual Voldemort and not Ralph Fiennes. If by any chance you are Ralph Fiennes, you’re still cool and amazing!)
Listen, you’re not Voldemort. You didn’t kill 9 people just for your soul to break and embody on 9 random objects. That means you’re a pretty cool person. You’re good. As far as I know, you haven’t ordered around an actual group of wizards and commanded the desecration of a young boy. I think you haven’t also violated a corpse of an old man and took his elder wand. This means that you’re also pretty good on the inside.

2. You’re reading blog posts
I’m guessing that you’re a person who reads blog posts for entertainment, if not for someone you know. If it’s for someone you know, I’m sure that you’re not a robot. You feel emotions for someone and care about them. That’s a good sign. You’re nice. You care. You’re a good person. If it’s for entertainment, I’m guessing that you like literature. That’s also good. It means that you’re human. All humans prefer something. In this case, it’s going to be something about literature. You have a taste. You have something that differs you from other people. Either way, you’re Human for reading this blog post.

3. You’re still reading
You know, I’m not going to lie. Writing isn’t always as easy as it looks. I know. it’s just typing on a word document and transferring it to WordPress, right? I hope it’s that easy. Sometimes, you want to write but nothing really comes up to mind. Sometimes, you have to write for something and you have nothing in mind. Sometimes, you put all your effort onto one piece of writing and they end up being “not good enough”. I felt that a lot. Maybe it’s because I’m not a good enough writer? But either way, reading this post means amazingly huge to me. It tells me that you care enough or respect me enough as a writer to finish this. Thank you.

So, Chin up! You’re amazing. You’re an awesome person. There are people out there who value you. At the least, I’m one of them 🙂 Thank you.

P.s. The next pieces of writing would be less sappy ^_^



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