On The Other Side of The River (pt. 3)

The grass was green and the sky was blue. There were pretty trees and there were pretty bushes. The bushes had different flowers. Some of them were pink, some were orange, some were white, and some were red. There was a circle. On the middle of the circle was a huge white beautiful fountain. The fountain had very pretty statues around it. They looked like the frogs I saw in the zoo. Then, beside the fountain were benches. They were brown and a bit old. Maybe, I could sit down there?
The bench to the right was nice, so I chose that one. I could feel the wind get cold and chilly, but it was alright. It made me feel like I’m warm on the inside. I sat there for a while – feeling the air- but not even that lasted long. I remember how I would beg mom again and again to take me here. I remember dad carrying me on his shoulders and walking all the way to the same park. My mom would bring out our sandwiches while me and my dad would play. Sometimes, we played a game we made, called ‘fishy’. We would put a piece of bread down on a pond nearby and see if we could get a fish to like us. If my bread was eaten first, I win. If dad’s bread was eaten first, he would win. I was about to cry again when I saw someone stand in front of the fountain. They were smiling at the water. The person put down their bag on the ground and took out one glove from their hand. Their fingers touched the water and their smile got even brighter. Their hat was put down too, right next to their bag. They placed their wet hand on their hair and let out a silent laugh. The bag was on their gloved hand now. I could see them searching their bag for something. I think they would be looking for a tissue. I wouldn’t want my hand to be wet for a long time either. I leaned a bit and saw that they were holding a violin. The violin looked old. It wasn’t the happy brown that I’ve seen before. It was just like the color of my bench. A bit faded, but still a brown.

The mysterious person took out this small stick and put it on top of the strings. Then, they began to play.

“Mister! Mister!” I ran towards the fiddler. Their song was beautiful! It sounded so good. I want to see how they played it. “Mister! Mister! I-”

The fiddler turned around and smiled at me. “Miss?” She looked down, put on her other glove and tipped her hat for me. “Uhm, Miss! How did you play that song? That was really beautiful!” I smiled. I really wanted to hear her answer. I want to learn how to play too! But she didn’t answer, she smiled and clapped her hands. Then, she acted how she played the song again. I didn’t mind. She was still nice.

“Miss, You’re so talented. Can I know you’re name?” I smiled brighter, but then she took a nearby stick and started writing her name on the ground. “Ge-gene-Genevie-Genevieve?” She nodded and drew a smiley face on the ground. She was going to draw a stickman too, but then I had to ask her.

“Miss Genevieve?”

The stick now drew a question mark. She was still smiling at me.

“Do you have a voice?”

Miss Genevieve frowned. She looked really sad. She didn’t want to not have a voice. Her eyes looked wetter. Is Miss Genevieve going to cry? She put her hands on top of her eyes and started to shiver. Oh, no.

“No! Wait” She looked at me through her fingers. “That’s okay! You’re amazing either way. S-so stop crying! It would just make your face wet” I smiled and watched Miss Genevieve’s smile slowly come back.

I showed her my hand and smiled even brighter.

“Hello, Miss Genevieve. My name is Ryan. It’s nice to meet you!”


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