Early Morning Thoughts

Each person is a note , Each family a melody, and the world would be one great symphony

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening! It’s morning from where I came from, so I included everything just in case. For now, we’re going to talk about “words”. I understand that it could be too early for a heavy subject, so I’ll make sure that the essay won’t be too hard to swallow.

Let’s start with what we already know, shall we? Words could be the greatest weapons or the greatest defense. Not in a literal sense, but in a sense wherein you have the need to protect your sanity or social standing. Hurtful words wound our persona as a whole. The opposite happens when you exchange kind words. These are reasons why you should be careful with the words that you give and take.

Now that we covered that. Let’s start with something different. Each person is a lock, shut tight. Each person just wants to be free, but somehow couldn’t. There’s always these chains they’re attached to. They cling onto those ropes, trying to find freedom. Sometimes, the chain they’re clinging to breaks and allows them to feel freedom. Sometimes, that doesn’t really happen.

Words are the keys. They already told you that words could make you feel good or harm you, but did you know that words could actually free you? The right words with the right combination and the right material could actually unbind you. It’s a beautiful freedom most hide.

The words always vary. No two words  fit for the sane person. Some words are short but heavy. Others are long but light. From the most absurd to the most cliché, these words free us.

I wonder how many you’ve freed already.


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