OTOSOR pt. 2

(Chapter revolves around Berlin, next chapter-not blog post-would be entirely dedicated to fiddler)

“Hey! Berlin! What’ve you been up to lately?”

“Nothing much. Why?”

“Well, I was wondering if you have time to talk today”

She paused and took a look at her planner. She had to finished three more blog posts today and practice for her poem recital. Other than that, she had to do her assignments and study for her test. Normally, she wouldn’t even consider an offer like this but this was Avionne. She took a deep breath and crossed out an entire section off her planner.

“Yeah, I’m free for a talk”

“Really? Are you sure?” The girl on the other line knew that her friend was a very busy person. Heck, she never even truly left her house other than for school. To hear that her friend was actually free had the same odds as having third degree burns at the North pole. “I’m not keeping you to anything?”


“Uh, no. I’m okay for a chat” She smiled.


“GREAT! Meet you at Family Mart. 3:00?”


Berlin smiled even brighter. “3:00 sounds good”


“Nice! I’ll see you later, dearie. Bye!”


The call ended with a ping. The writer dropped down on her chair and took a very well needed breath. She looked at her phone and checked the time. “12:52”


“I still have time.”

She twisted her chair, gazed at the black word document and started to write. “I hope I get it right this time”


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