On The Other Side of The River

OTOSTR pt. 1

Fiddler by Berlin Rigata

(Trigger Warning: Abuse, Vulgar words, Rape. Skip until the dashes if you prefer 🙂 )

“RICHARD!” My mom screamed. They’re going to fight again. I don’t want them to fight. Why are they fighting? I crawled down under the blue floral table top and hoped for the best.


“RICHARD! WHAT THE FÙCK IS THIS!?” My mom shoved pieces of paper in front of my dad. His eyes were sullen and his face was full of wrinkles. He looked down at the documents and clutched them with his tired hands. “Rose, I know you’re an idiot but I thought that you could at least read” A loud smack made me jump. My mom had slapped him again.

“DON’T YOU DARE FÙCKING TEST ME, RICHARD!” She was gritting her teeth. Her eyes were lined with tears, but my dad didn’t see them. He stood up, faced my mom, and crossed his arms. “Those are fùcking notices” He was glaring downward onto her face, disgusted that she even dared to swear in front of him.

“DIDN’T I TELL YOU TO PAY FOR THESE!?” She poked his chest and went a step nearer. “THANKS TO YOUR ‘STRESS RELIEVER” , WE WERE IN THESE FÙCKING LOANS IN THE FIRST PLACE” Mom looked up. “NOW YOU’RE FÙCKING TELLING ME THAT WE’RE GOING TO LOSE OUR HOUSE BECAUSE OF THE SAME REASON!?” She laughed sarcastically. “Then, you’re more stupid than I thought”.


Dad didn’t like that. He clenched his fist and punched mom’s stomach. When she was crouched down, he held onto her collar and slammed her back onto the wall. I could hear her bones breaking again. I couldn’t take this anymore. I couldn’t bear hearing mom cry again. I couldn’t bear seeing dad’s bloodied palms again. I couldn’t bear witnessing my mom get raped for the tenth time. My head started pounding. I need to get out of here. I turned around and slowly crept out of the table. At this point, I could hear the screaming. “No, no, no,…..please stop”. Once I wasn’t under the table, I ran towards our door. I slammed it open and wished that the sound of the door made them stop. I ran and ran and ran. They needed to stop. I don’t want them to fight anymore. I want them to love each other, like they used to. I want them to smile at each other again. I want them to remember me like before. I cried and cried while I ran. My eyes got blurry. Will mom and dad ever be better? Will they get worse? No! They’re just sick! Their problems are making them sick! Of course, they’ll get better! I ran until I felt something soft. It was grass. Was there grass between my toes? Maybe, I should open my eyes now. I looked up and I saw.


Berlin sighed. It was always a problem for her, writing. She loved writing, but she never gets the story right. There was something always flawed. Sometimes, it’s the wording. Other times, it’s the flow of the story. While she was busy thinking about her writing, her teal phone rang. She smiled. It was her best friend.

Avionne was a mesmerizingly blessed persona. With her mysterious dark eyes and short hair, she was easily a sight for the heavy heart. She always had this aura of comfort that attracts people into liking her. The aura and her beauty allows a lot of people to like her, but her charming personality makes sure they keep liking her. She wasn’t much of a patient person, however. Like now, her best friend Berlin wasn’t answering her bloody phone.

The phone pinged.






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