Alone on a boat

Hello. Welcome to just some one-on-one time with me. Sorry for not making this another story, essay, poem, etc. I wasn’t in the mood nor had I any inspirations today. This day was a good day, but it’s not really a day I want to write about (XD). I mean, “Who would want to hear an entire day of me attempting to get good Pokémon? Scream like I discovered a new element when someone told me that school was suspended? How about me hanging out with people I find really special in my life?” See? Nothing not mundane.

Let’s see. Let’s talk about emotions and humans’ ability to make them.

I’m not going to lie. This month has been like me skydiving into different emotions each minute. At some point, I was incredibly happy. It felt like nothing really mattered because I was happy. I know that at some corner of my mind, I was whispering to myself that “It won’t always be this cheerful so enjoy it while it lasts”.

You have no idea how hard I hit reality when it decided to show itself. It’s not something sad. It’s not something bad. It just made me feel extremely neutral. It felt like I was being surrounded by mist, but it wasn’t acknowledging my presence.

Next thing I felt was incredible frustration. It was huge and, frankly, disarming. My glut, it was really overpowering. It felt like the mist became a sheet and trapped me.

I still feel the frustration.

Although, it could still be overpowered. My “happiness” still helps me a lot. I owe a lot to the happiness.

How to stop self-frustration?(XD)

Well, I guess I’ll see.
(P.S. I didn’t realize that I forgot to connect the title with the actual blog entry. Self-frustration feels like you’re on a boat in the shallows and, for some reason, alone. You want to go to shore. It’s not like you’re barely surviving. It feels like everything you already need is inside the boat, but your paddles won’t work. You just keep staying on your same spot. That’s what I feel 🙂

Hopefully, I find a way to get to land. Bye ^_^ )



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