Two Lovers: Government and Country

Love is the sickness of the heart. It binds and twists and doesn’t seem to let go

(Trigger Warning: Mentions of abuse)

Once, there were two lovers. The first was beautiful. She had emerald hair, chocolate brown eyes, and she had the most beautiful pearl smile. She was beautiful, understanding, and even perfect! Her eyes always were a mirror. They reflected the brightest stars and the shiniest of diamonds. No human could match her beauty. She was strong, yet shy. She had no reason to be shy about, but she still chose to be. She was humble and patient. By no means someone could be perfect and, yet, she’s there. She was named “Country”.

The second was also strong. He was known for his leadership and initiative. His hair was curly and a strong gray. His smile was soft, but over-powering. While his lover had the eyes of reflection, he was blessed with the eyes of stories. From the coldest of wars to the warmest of friendship, he shows them all. There was no shame in his conscience, so he brought himself with a clear mind. Each step and each stride were calculated with enough of his confidence everyday. There were no times where it was too much nor too less. He was content. He was “Government”.

It wasn’t always a happy love story. Each other instance, the government would turn foul. He would be like a flame. At one moment, he would be fine and gentle. The other moment would be a desperate hungry fire that engorges itself on the positivity and releases more negativity through toxic fumes.

But each time the man would be too harsh, he would see himself in the eyes of his lover. Each time, he would see a monster.

His lover would try to console him that “it was alright” and “I was an accident”, but he knew  it wasn’t. He knew that, whatever monster he became, was a part of him and that it would happen again. So it did, it happened again. Each time, Country’s counseling would be more heavily thought of. But each time, Government’s fear grew too.

It became too much. He wanted to leave. He was going to leave. He was packing his bags and necessities, when Country saw him. He was clutching a note over his chest and his eyes were trembling.

It took a while, but she read it out loud.

“When I sleep, I want to forget about you ; forget about your soft grey eyes, your shy vibrant face, and your smiling lips. I don’t want this to end, but I want to forget about you.

Once. Twice. Who am I kidding? We’re victims of time and time again. I know you won’t hurt me but who’s to say I won’t hurt myself, with the fears of my reality turning into terrifying fantasy? I want to hold onto you. I don’t want to let you go but back then my sanity flew. Who’s to say that my insanity would once again put on a show? You’re my lampshade by reading time. Who’s to say the next page is faith? Who’s to say that the next chapter is mine?”

She cried, with tears in her eyes. She dropped the letter and ran towards her lover. She hugged him, like it was the first time. With quiet gasps and drooping eyes, she said

“It’s not about who you were or what you could be. It’s what you are right now and what you choose to be. Who are you? You’re my lover. You’re my sun and stars. I will never leave your side, not until the universe dies.”

(Sorry. It’s so long XD)




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