Same Mirror, Different Frame

You don’t have to smile. You don’t have to act happy. You look beautiful either way.

Humans are, very much, like mirrors. They copy, they create images and they observe everything down to the tiniest of its details. This may be proven by the fact that we spend literally centuries upon centuries to study cells, atoms, etc.. But just like mirrors, they are easily overwhelmed and could easily break under pressure. Thus, humans are very fragile.

When we meet new people or “other mirrors”, we reflect their images and sometimes embark them as our own. Interestingly enough, we could only reflect a same but opposite version of their images. In our own way, we copy others but never really lose our sense of originality.

But the mirror isn’t the exciting part, that happens at the frame. The frame is a foundation and a reminder of our origin. No two frames are the same. They don’t come from the same Mahogany, same Narra, same Oak, and other sturdy trees. Some frames have tendrils that spiral and climb. Other frames are linear and polygonal.

A frame could never be replicated. Humans are both mirrors and frames. They replicate, copy, and adapt but could never forget who they really are. All they need is to look.




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