Sometimes, The most natural things turn out to be the most unnatural

Hey, guys! :3 It’s me again. This first paragraph is just a short disclaimer. This is not part of the “Time” blog series :3. I’ll get to it in a short while. For now, I think I’ve got into a decision. Every time I have a chipper post, I’ll feature on of my schoolmates. Don’t worry. I’ll ask permission from them to use the picture every before posting.

For this post, we have Mr. J. His picture is at the very end.

As you can see, Mr. J is obviously walking with a stride of confidence. His pose screams “Mesmerizing” and the cold bottle of water only seems to highlight the appeal. His hair is flipped back in a nonchalant and, yet, in a soft gesture. His face holds a soft caring smile and his eyes speak “amusement”.

In truth, I met Mr. J halfway around the campus and saw him taking a sip of his bottle of water. I was wondering what topic I would write about in this random blog entry when I saw him.

I think Mr. J could properly represent the ideal confidence we usually look for in our adolescence. He holds confidence, not too much pride, and he is openly accepting of himself .

Thank you very much, Mr. J. Thank you for letting me use this pic and use you as a model and a subject for my blog. Thank you 🙂

Now, why did I enter this blog with that quote? “Sometimes, the most natural things turn out to be the most unnatural”. Let’s start.

Mr. J is a confident person. Confidence flows natural for him, but what about us? For him, it is the most natural. For us, maybe it isn’t.

In a sense, what most people find as trivial is what others find most special. For someone smart, an “A” grade might be the usual. For someone struggling, it feels like a miracle.

We need to learn how to appreciate. Each person is like a puzzle piece. No two persons have the same edges, the same dips, or edges. When one person wants something to fill his dip, the other wants their excess to be gone. Not everyone has the same things as you.

Don’t take things for granted. Because sometimes when you don’t appreciate something, that something won’t learn how to appreciate you. It’ll be gone.

To summarize, Learn to appreciate :). It doesn’t take much from you.



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