One to Three

Don’t let the PRESENT get past you

Heya! :3 Today’s topic would be about Time. As a victim of a very popular health risk called “High School”, you would get the impression that my main problem here is my “social life”. To all who think that, I say “Nay”. I study at a very “special” type of high school. It’s not that it gives very low opportunities to its students’ future. It’s one of the best high schools actually. We’re part of the Top 10 in the country. The only problem is that it somehow comes to a point wherein your requirement pile could rival Mt. Everest.

This is where the problem of Time comes in. We, students of that high school, tend to focus more on our studies as a result. We, regrettably, start to drift away from our families, from our friends outside school, etc. This isn’t an intervention on reconnecting with your social relationships, by the way. Because let’s be real for a second, it’s easier said than done.

No. I’m here to remind the importance of the present. Don’t worry, this isn’t another one of those messages that say “Hey, the present is important because everything has a consequence and wrong actions give bad consequences…yada yada yada”. I’m here to ask you a favor.

Stay with me.

Stay with me in the present. This is where you belong, not in the memories of the past or the fears of the future. You belong here. You’re safer here. That’s all in a psychological sense.

There’s often a war happening inside a human brain. They range from small wars; like what to eat for dinner, etc.; to big chaotic wars; like doing this, or trying that, or getting those, etc. etc..  Most wars happen from the past and from the future.

Here in the present, fewer wars happen. Stay with me :3

(This is part 1 of Time blog series :3)





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