A meeting

“Our eyes are the gateways to our soul. I wonder what my soul would look like against shut doors?”

Good Evening, everybody! :3 Welcome to the night! I should be sleeping right now, really. Sadly, my mind is having a vacation. Maybe somewhere in Hawaii? Who am I kidding? They’re probably sleeping. It’s still sad though. They just left me in the midst of all my schoolwork.

I was thinking of writing a new story called “Living through Paint”. Does that sound good enough? It circles around a female protagonist. It highlights heavy things in life too. The mention of depression would be there, so I’m not really sure if I should continue or not. I might have a different view on depression compared to other people. Each person differs after all. Each depression is different as well. Some are triggered while some stay unmoving. Some start at childhood while some at adulthood. Some are developed while some are hereditary.

My closest friend was absent today. It doesn’t really matter much, considering the fact that we’re from different sections. Still, it would’ve been great to see their face. I heard that they were sick with a bad headache and a high fever. I hope they get better.

I’m really sorry but I have to end it here. I still have sleep to catch up to. I’ll see you all next time! ^_^

See you~~


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